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Life Journal (JournalLife) is THE best journaling software out there, and has been for a while. And trust me, I probably tried them all before I settled on yours. Five years into it, I continue to be sure it’s simply the most powerful thing available, no matter what you use it for. It’s my therapist, my historian, and it’s where I write, often several projects at a time. –Tom Atkins

For me, journaling has been the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. I never considered my life that important to keep track of it, but when I quit drinking, many years ago, I had to rechannel  my life and it was hard to start keeping track of where I was and who I was. With journaling with LifeJournal (JournalLife) I now can see where I was and set a better line of where I should be heading. I am very glad I got this program from you. It has been one of the best decisions of my life. Your service is well received and needed in this world of such confusion and uncertainty. It helps us to see who we are by writing what, who, and where we are in the schemes of our lives. Your journal has made a big difference in my life, as I can see where I was at, and were I need to go. What a neat idea, thanks again.–Dexter Knox

I downloaded and installed the upgrade 3 with no problems, as well as the two additional add-ons. I’ve had Lifejournal  (JournalLife) on my computer since the first edition! Awesome program! Not another one out there quite like it and I love it! Keep up the great work!!–JoAnne Pommier

I absolutely love the LifeJournal (JournalLife) software.  I have been journalling on and off for years using composition notebooks.  I always felt that I wouldn’t be able to express myself fully through a keyboard or computer.  After making my first entry in LifeJournal though, I realized I can be even more creative and free in the journalling process.

Each day I look forward to signing onto my LifeJournal (JournalLife) and creating my daily entry!  I just don’t know what’s going to come spilling out.  It’s amazing.– Maureen Corbeski

Thank you so much for the opportunity to express myself in ways once thought impossible.–Dee C.

I love your product.  I have been searching for weeks to find a journal that met my needs and inspired creativity. LifeJournal (JournalLife) exceeded my expectations. I am enjoying using my journal very much.  The tips are very useful and I am discovering new features all the time.–Sherilynne S.

I have been using LifeJournal (JournalLife) for almost ten years now, and often give the software as a gift. I enjoy the newsletters, which often give me an inspirational boost. You have a wonderful product, one that I dreamed of, searched for and found by googling “journal writing software”. It has far surpassed my expectations.

–Alice Smith

Can I just say, I love your journaling software! I may leave it for a while, but I always come back. It puts such flexiblity into the structure of my journal writing, it is unlike any other journal system I’ve ever used.

Thank you very much for developing Life Journal! –Sue Caskey

When I formed my seminar on creating health and vitality I wanted a to offer to my participants a journal that would inspire and open possibilities for them while they were journaling.  When I purchased the Life Journal 2 software and began using it I was amazed.  I have never been thrilled with journaling in my past and now I find myself looking forward to using the program.  It opened up possibilities for me in journaling that I had not ever expected.  I recommend this program for anyone wanting a powerful and inspiring environment to do their journaling.
–August Kennedy, August Kennedy and Associates

Just want to let you know how much I appreciate your product. Very well designed and intuitive — ideal for its purpose!–Corey Sherman

Thanks very much, Ruth.  Your personal attention and customer service are equal to your exquisite software.   –Page Highfill

LifeJournal (JournalLife) is a psychological anchor during crisis.  Far beyond efficiency, organization, and inspiration, LifeJournal allows a safe and private location to express my deepest feelings.  I have been journaling and writing for years, but LifeJournal (JournalLife) now allows me to write without roadblocks.  During challenging times, I am not always able to connect my heart and mind with a blank page and pen. As a writer, I know I should write to investigate my inner feelings, but the blank page represents a list of “woulda”, “coulda”, “shoulda’s”  pointing directly to my current block.  In comparison, LifeJournal (JournalLife) invites me into the process with inspirational prompts, quotes, and operational ease.  LifeJournal (JournalLife) offers promise not pressure.  In addition, as an illustrator, LifeJournal also allows the seamless integration of art within the written text.

LifeJournal (JournalLife) is hands down the best journaling software on the market, and I love it and recommend it. Thanks for the personalized help, another reason to recommend LifeJournal.
— Uilleam Walter Hawke

LifeJournal (JournalLife) is — and has been — a tool that opens incredibly wonderful paths for learning to name and live deeply the joys, failures, weaknesses, and victories that form my creative and spiritual growth.

A session with LifeJournal (JournalLife) before discussing–almost anything of importance–with my husband provides me inner clarity and deeper focus when we engage in these conversations.

The most magnificent opening going to Life Journal creates is in development of a true “working relationship” and endlessly (I believe) deepening conversation with my Creator.

Because of the lovely palette of background colors, font style/color possibilities, and tools like Daily Pulse, naming and choosing icons, and unique writing environments for various kinds of journals — and the delight creating a life history within the core of all that, I move to a “new world” that is distinct, private and pleasing. I find within the LifeJournal (JournalLfie) “world” a sense of comfort, support and freedom to speak and dream that is absent in the environment of Word and other work-related software. You have created a lovely and enduring tool for your LifeJournal (JournalLife) customers. I thank you for that–and for the personal attention you give those who are blessed to use your creation.
–Ariel Williams

“Thank you so much! You guys have always been so wonderful to work with!” –Amy Burinda

“Thanks so much for such a cool product that gives me just a bit more incentive to write and kick procrastination’s butt.”
–Pam Durant

LifeJournal (JournalLife) is the “Cadillac” of journaling software.–Gary Bisogna, psychologist

I am very much enjoying this remarkable piece of journal software. Am looking forward to making it my overall think space rather than continuing with just a daily style journal; it seem like a waste of useful features/layout to do otherwise.”

–S. Alli

LifeJournal (JournalLife) is a great program, and I’m determined to use it daily, at least fifteen minutes. Writing daily, a “brain dump,” really seems to spark my creativity for the rest of the day.

–Jamia Kelly

Thank you for your in-person, immediate personal assistance. Combined with a top-its-class software application, this makes LifeJournal (JournalLife) one of the finest software development firms I have ever known.
–Scott Albers

I had used another journaling software (Journal 4) for a while. Just today I found LifeJournal (JournalLife) and tried it. Wow–what a difference! LifeJournal (JournalLife) is SO much more user-friendly. Even the most basic things–like finding your past entries–are much clearer in LifeJournal. Before I dreaded going into the other journaling software and wasting my time. Now, I can’t wait to open LifeJournal and write in it. Thanks for an awesome program!
–Debbie Meadows

Although I have kept journals sporadically through my 56 years, LifeJournal (JournalLife)has enabled me to accomplish more in less time and with greater self-awareness.
–B. Wright

I love LifeJournal (JournalLife) and its newsletters–it is always a highlight to get the next edition. When I’m stressed from the day job I actually look forward to hearing the little startup tune when going into LJ2!!
–Kate Harding

Morning Pages brought me to journaling, which brought me to LifeJournal (JournalLife), which gave me the courage to develop and set up my own web site. The site was to supposed to be for my visual art (I am a painter), but journaling and writing for the web site made me realise I should be writing as well as painting.

As a result, my visual work is progressing well now and I am doing a creative writing course, have come back to writing short stories (which I gave up years ago), and believe it or not, during the process of re-organising my life so I could fit in writing AND painting, with money found JUST through getting more efficient, we have been able to take up an apartment in Paris as well as our house in the country! Now I write in town and paint in the country.

It’s great journaling software. Software that heals, hmmm, who would have thought, even 20 years ago, that a ‘machine’ that heals, would ever be a possibility! LifeJournal (JournalLife) is without a doubt THE best ‘personal’ software I have ever bought. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.
–Ann Isik (https://www.fritheirarts.com)

Several years ago, I decided that switching to the computer, as a means of journaling, would be a good idea. I type 92 words a minute, and typing my journal entries would significantly cut down on the hours I spend actually writing longhand in a book. I, of course, had no kind of journaling software, so I just used Microsoft Word. That experiment was a dismal failure. There was no way to find anything; there was no way to keep entries in any kind of order, as Word dates things by “date modified”, and every time you open a document it is considered to be modified. It drove me absolutely nuts, so I gave up and went back to pen and paper.

Then my boyfriend bought me LifeJournal (JournalLife) for Valentine’s Day. I thought it was really sweet, but I almost didn’t try it. I had been after him for eons to write me some journaling software, and he just never found the time to do it, so I thought it was kind of a cop out. After I got over my pout, I went ahead and tried it out, and I love it. I’ve used it ever since. It saves in chronological order, and that makes my life so much easier. I like that I can assign topics to my entries, so I can tell, at a glance, what I was dealing with/feeling, and I lovelovelove the prompts feature. I’ve always tried to write something every day, and sometimes writers block or lethargy really hampers that goal. With the prompts option, I’m able to write something every single day. If I don’t have a topic of my own, it’s so easy to just hit the prompts button and answer a question. I’ve actually written some of my best, most introspective and in-depth journal entries using that feature.
–Laura F.

My set up was seamless. It’s difficult not to notice all the attention to detail that your websiteand communications include.
–George Collins

I’ve been using LifeJournal (JournalLife) for several months now and I’m certain that this is far and away the best journaling software I’ve come across. It has more value than any other journaling software I’ve tried. I think I checked out about 6 or 7 of them. I love that you can take the information that you’ve written and slice it and dice it in ways that will give you insight into your life. It’s innovative. Much different than the other journaling software which are just word processors on steroids. This is really different. And it’s easy to learn. I was up and writing a journal entry in the first 2 minutes of opening the program. Within an hour I tried out and understood all of the main features. And I love that there is such depth to the program. Even now, several months later, I’m discovering new bits of the program that deepen my writing.
–E. Greene

I just want to say thank you for such a killer app. I’ve written hundreds of Word documents as journal entries, and you’re journaling software was able to import them without a great hassle. I now have ALL my journal writing under one umbrella. This make life SO much easier. I really can’t thank you enough for Life Journal.

Instead of spending the weekend doing all the practical things, like paying bills and cleaning the apartment, I spent the majority of the weekend writing. Procrastination in reverse! This is easily the best forty dollars I’ve ever spent in my life. Thanks so much,
–Arnie Stein

I kept a journal when I was young to help the sorting process. Now due to ill health I am forced to keep a journal, and I am finding this program absolutely amazing. Apart from record keeping and the Daily Pulse Graph, the prompts and quotes have made me aware of so many thoughts and feelings I didn’t know I had. Bringing them to the surface will undoubtedly go a great way to recovery. And for the first time in my life I am enjoying journaling.

I can feel the benefits of it.

Thank you for a great program,
Yours Sincerely,

I can stop looking now!! 

For years I have been trying to keep a journal. I have tried hand written journals but never really felt comfortable with putting down everything I should since anyone could just pick it up and read to there hearts’ content.

I started looking for journaling software programs to satisfy the requirements. But everything I found was lacking something. I must have looked at 15 to 20 programs ranging from pathetic to incredibly complex. Sometimes I would try it for a few weeks others for just a few minutes. But always the same result – DELETE.

Then I found “Life Journal”. It had everything I was looking for and then some. The “Daily Pulse” feature is excellent. The Daily Entries are simple to use and allow you to tag or bookmark them for easy recall by virtually any organizational method you would need. This alone was enough for me to be more than satisfied.

But when I started to look at the Life History feature, I was blown away. It is the reason why keeping a journal became so important to me. I wanted to have something to give my kids when they got older. Something that they could refer to when they hit difficult times. Something to help them know and understand me better.

I would give almost anything if I had something like this from my parents.

Thank You
Bob Weatherholt
Sacramento, CA

I have had such a good time with this journaling software. The prompts are really helpful. Through them, I have looked at some points of my life that I haven’t thought about in years, even through two years of psychotherapy.

I usually do my own events of the day and then use the timer to use the prompts, otherwise I would be at the journal 24/7. I’m hoping to be able to get the software for my daughters.

I have 3 daughters and they each have a daughter. Could Mother and daughter journal on the same journaling software, split by passwords? What a legacy that would be for future generations!!! And what therapy for my daughters!

Thanks. I have to say the software is so user-friendly and easy.
–M. Maidlow

LifeJournal (JournalLife) is a wonderful product. I looked for journaling software for several years, and none of the others I saw even came close to LJ2. Thanks for creating a truly great journal system!
–Jamia K.

Your newsletters are really enlightening. The whole program has helped me to focus my inner self. It has been a stressful year on my job and LifeJournal (JournalLife) has helped a great deal in just the short time I have been using it.

–Pat Keenan

The Institute of Children’s Literature has recently reviewed LifeJournal (JournalLife). Here’s what the author, Kristi Holl had to say:

A New Discovery!

I recently found a free trial offer for a program called LifeJournal (JournalLife), which is journal software to be stored in your computer. To be honest, I only downloaded the free demo so I could evaluate it for this article, but before using my 15 free entries, I had purchased it. (Note: This is not online journaling, which has become popular recently, where your journal entries are posted to web pages through a “digital diary” for all to read. LifeJournal (JournalLife) is private and password protected!) For those of you who want to find later what you’ve written, this is perfect. This journal for Windows has options to highlight, store, name and search/retrieve anything you’ve written. If you’re tracking your progress in a specific issue, or you just want to find that fleeting inspired idea you jotted down, this journal might be for you.

LifeJournal (JournalLife) also has quotes to inspire you, questions to promote self-reflection, a dream journal for recording dreams, several “tools” (like their Dialogue box) for effective journaling, and a daily pulse gauge to monitor your mood, health, energy and stress levels. Then, when you close the journal window, you don’t need a hiding place! It’s all in your computer, and unless you reveal your password, no one but you can access it. A trial offer, with no obligation, can be found at https://journallife.me and if you’re like me, you’ll be hooked.

I absolutely love this journaling software. I have been journaling for over 35 years and your program is stupendous! As a psychotherapist, I frequently recommend it to my patients. It has the potential to stimulate so much growth and grounding upon the discovery of their true selves.

;– Maggie Zadek, Long Island, NY