Use your journal to reach your goals!

Use JournalLife to move you along on your journey of refining and improving your life. I capture the momentum of my own natural ups and downs.  The Daily Pulse feature in JournalLife is a way to observe some of my natural trends, which I might not otherwise notice.

For example, if I’m trying to lose a few pounds I include my weight as one of the Daily Pulse Scales.  I keep an eye on my Daily Pulse graph every week or so.  I notice that without working at it I’ve lost two pounds during the last several weeks. I  know myself: I don’t usually do well on a strict diet. But I can make the most of my own natural weight fluctuations.   When I see a trend occur effortlessly about which I’m trying to consciously continue, I put a little extra work into staying tuned into eating more moderately for the next week or more. That way I can lose the weight without a lot of effort.

Here’s another example: I’m working on being more productive, staying on task and efficiently finishing projects that I’m working on.  Recently I was out of town, working alone in a setting that allowed me deep concentration and focus. I was very productive.  My charting of Productivity on the Daily Pulse graph reflected that. Now, that I’m back at home with many more work interruptions and other obligations, I try to prolong the upside of the productivity cycle, remembering the feeling of full-focus, staying on the high productivity roll for as long as I can.

You can use the Daily Pulse not only to observe and understand your behavior, but also to influence it! It’s another way to use your journal to reach your goals.

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