How do I download LifeJournal3?

Click Here to download the LifeJournal3 desktop installer.

How do I use a template?

Assuming you have already created a template by assigning the ‘Template’ tag to a journal entry, when creating a new journal entry, all entries with the ‘Template’ tag will appear in the templates list. Simply select the name of the template you want to base the current entry on and…

How do I create a template?

It order for a journal entry to become a template, all you need to do is add the ‘Template’ tag to it.

What is a template?

A template is a journal entry that can be used as the starting point to create new journal entries. A journal entry created from a template will inherit the following: Title Tags Body

How do I reset my online password?

Click the ‘Forgot your password?’ link. You will then be prompted to enter your email address to receive instructions on how to continue.

How do I activate my new account?

After you have created a new account, please be on the lookout for an email from hello@journallife.me with the subject JournalLife Account Confirmation Instructions. Be sure to check your spam folder. Open the email and click the ‘Confirm my account’ link to activate your new account.

How do I download LifeJournal2?

Click Here to download the LifeJournal2 desktop installer.

How do I remove a tag?

When editing the journal entry, click the little x next to the name of the tag you wish to remove.

How do I assign a tag?

To assign a tag to a journal entry, simply start typing the name of a tag in the Tags field. Once you see the name of the tag you are looking for and it is highlighted, press enter. The tag will now turn into a box with a small x…

How do I create a new journal entry?

Press the New button, then select the destination notebook.