“Quantum Step Forward in the World of Therapeutic Writing”

LifeJournal (JournalLife) is a quantum step forward in the world of therapeutic writing. As a psychologist and writer, I don’t say this lightly. I have been using journaling as a therapeutic technique for over 25 years and I was not the easiest to convince that there were great advantages to bringing technology to this endeavor. Now I’m more than convinced and I refer patients and colleagues alike to LifeJournal. LifeJournal (JournalLife) gives the journaler multiple platforms for expanding and observing his or her process without losing one bit of the magic of personal writing.

Each version of LifeJournal (JournalLife) has enriched its capacities to bring extra facets and perspectives to the writer. You can easily view your writing through different themes, by a variety of time perspectives or with the benefits of thematic add-ons by experts in relevant fields. This is an incredibly useful, interactive and imaginative journaling system.

Journaling is a tool for opening the world and life of the writer. LifeJournal (JournalLife) is the best tool I’ve seen or can imagine for opening the process of the journal.