Private Journal: Your Journal is Private and Safe at JournalLife Online

Why You Do Better with a Private Journal

At JournalLife we know that writing honestly is paramount to you as a journal writer. Knowing for sure that your is a private journal  and that NO ONE is going to read your journal makes it much easier to be candid with yourself.

Our JournalLife designers and developers are as fanaticalas you are about keeping your journal private . The architecture of the online journal was created so that even JournalLife administrators and programmers are not able to access any of your entries. With the highest levels of encryption available today, you can relax that your private journal will always be that–unreadable by anyone.

With a handwritten journal you can always accidentally leave it on a train, coffee shop or at an airport terminal hundreds of miles away.  You could lose your journal in a fire.  A traditional journal can be easily accessible to anyone in your home or office–or anywhere in between.

With JournalLife Online there’s nothing that you have to remember to do.  Your journal is regularly and automatically backed up and stored on the highest quality redundant servers (Heroku and AmazonSW3) so you never have to worry.