JournalLife 3: Great Journal Software Just Got Better!

What’s new in JournalLife 3

Journaling Wisdom injects new ideas and new energy into your journal writing.  Listen to the voices of top experts imparting their journaling wisdom—within your own journal!

New Themes gives you a choice of more than a dozen themes–and you can create your own background–photos or other images.

Start up sounds—Some of us instantly snap into journaling mode when we hear the JournalLife start up sound.  But, if you’d rather no start-up music, or hear a tune from your computer, you can now start your journaling with you own choice.

Add-Ons—Since we each keep journals for different reasons, your journal should suityour needs.  First start with a “base” programs of JournalLife3. Then add on the specialized content necessary to make the program suit your needs. Here’s the list, with associated author:

  • Writers — Sheila Bender
  • EmotionalBalance–Dr. Beth Jacobs
  • Creativity — Dr. Eric Maisel
  • Spirituality— Mark Matousek
  • Divorce–Pam Wynn
  • Christian–Dr. Bob Climko
  • Staying Sober–Dr. Dennis Daley
  • Educators–Kathy Larson

Help videos offer step by step help for a growing number of topics.  The videos are accessible within the program, with connection to the Internet.

Templates are entries that lets you ask the same set of questions (such as, what’s the high point of your day? the low point? what are you grateful for?)  It’s a great way to compare your answers over time.  There are default templates included and you can create your own easily.

Timeline now lets you display any/all of your journal entries.  Better navigation, more flexibility.

A new set of prompts called Personal History accessible from Timeline  help you get started on your memoir.

Post  selected entries directly to your WordPress blog directly from JournalLife 3.

Printing just got more flexible! Now you can print a Table of Contents when you print out journal entries.  Or, print out your Topics List or the Timeline.

Export into PDF format now, as well as previously allowable formats html, rtf, and txt

Write your entries in any (Unicode-based) language, which includes such languages as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Cyrillic, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Italian, Hebrew– but doesn’t include Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Assigning Topics to Passages— Ability to have different colors for passages assigned colors

More Journaling Techniques teaches you how to expand your journal writing.

More Journal Types are allowed, no longer limited to six.

Discounted membership to International Association of Journal Writing—buy JL3 or upgrade from JL2 and get a 20% discount to membership from the IAJW.

Bug fixes:

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Merging two writers with different names, with known passwords