JournalLife Online v2.2

As those of you that use the beta site have noticed, we’ve been quite busy upgrading the software. Today we published version 2.2 to the production server.

Here is a breakdown of everything included in this release:

Responsive UI

In general, the mobile responsiveness of the UI has been greatly improved. There are still some UI elements that need to be considered further in order to improve the mobile experience but, overall, the responsiveness is a huge improvement.

Improved Explorer

The explorer has been moved from the bottom to the left and the dead space in the main window has been eliminated. There is always a journal entry of some sort on display in the right panel. The left panel now contains the updated journal explorer grid which does a much better job of showing information regarding each entry.

Improved Simple Search

Unfortunately advanced search had to take a temporary backseat while the UI was rebuilt. The search itself is much faster and more intelligent. Instead of searching for the whole phrase it now searches for matching individual words. For example, typing “exploding monkeys” will show all entries that contain the word “exploding” AND the word “monkeys”, not just the phrase “exploding monkeys”.

Advanced search will be making a comeback with some much needed improvements in the next release.

Edit/Read Only Mode

Once a journal entry is completed, it goes into read only mode. This is to make it easier to review journal entries, opening them in multiple tabs as needed and, not having the risk of accidentally modifying them while simple reading them.

Tags (an update to Topics)

The clunky topics UI was removed and replaced with a much more modern tags UI. It is now super easy to add new tags and apply them to a journal entry. No more dragging and dropping etc.

Updated Editor

The editor was replaced with the Froala WYSIWYG editor which makes for a much better editing experience. Adding images is now as simple as dragging and dropping them on the editor.

Updated Preferences UI

All the various views for configuration scattered about have been consolidated into one coherent interface.

Notification Emails

The system now has the capability of sending out emails to keep you active and involved with your journal.

You can enable these emails in the Preferences view in the Emails tab.

Monthly Report

The monthly report email gives you statistics on how many journal entries you wrote over the last month and which types.

Journaling Reminder

The journaling reminder email goes out if you haven’t written in your journal in a few days. It includes a random prompt and a random quote. Clicking on either will set you up with a new journal entry containing the text so you can start writing immediately.

Random Journal Review

The Random Journal Entry email currently goes out every Sunday and includes a link to a random journal entry from the past.

We have lots of new features planned that we will be rolling out over the summer so, stay tuned..

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