Journal Software Review: Journal Writers’ Stories

Read JournalLife software review by long time JournalLife customers.

Have Tried them All and JournalLife is THE Best Journaling Software!

“LifeJournal (JournalLife) is THE best journaling software out there, and has been for a while. And trust me, I probably tried them all before I settled on yours. Five years into it, I continue to be sure it’s simply the most powerful thing available, no matter what you use it for. It’s my therapist, my historian, and it’s where I write, often several projects at a time.” –Tom Atkins, Vermont

This Journal Application Improves Every Part of Life

LifeJournal (JournalLife) is — and has been — a tool that opens incredibly wonderful paths for learning to name and live deeply the joys, failures, weaknesses, and victories that form my creative and spiritual growth.

A session with LifeJournal (JournalLife) before discussing–almost anything of importance–with my husband provides me inner clarity and deeper focus when we engage in these conversations.

The most magnificent opening going to Life Journal (JournalLife) creates is in development of a true “working relationship” and endlessly (I believe) deepening conversation with my Creator.

Because of the lovely palette of background colors, font style/color possibilities, and tools like Daily Pulse, naming and choosing icons, and unique writing environments for various kinds of journals — and the delight creating a life history within the core of all that, I move to a “new world” that is distinct, private and pleasing. I find within the LifeJournal  (JournalLife) “world” a sense of comfort, support and freedom to speak and dream that is absent in the environment of Word and other work-related software. You have created a lovely and enduring tool for your LifeJournal (JournalLife) customers. I thank you for that–and for the personal attention you give those who are blessed to use your creation.
–Ariel Williams, Georgia

Journal Software is Safe and Private, Especially Good During Challenging Times
LifeJournal  (JournalLife) is a psychological anchor during crisis.
Far beyond efficiency, organization, and inspiration, LifeJournal (JournalLife) allows a safe and private location to express my deepest feelings.  I have been journaling and writing for years, but LifeJournal (JournalLife) now allows me to write without roadblocks. During challenging times, I am not always able to connect my heart and mind with a blank page and pen. As a writer, I know I should write to investigate my inner feelings, but the blank page represents a list of “woulda”, “coulda”, “shoulda’s”  pointing directly to my current block. In comparison, LifeJournal (JournalLife) invites me into the process with inspirational prompts, quotes, and operational ease. LifeJournal (JournalLife) offers promise not pressure.  In addition, as an illustrator, LifeJournal (JournalLife) also allows the seamless integration of art within the written text.–Faith, Washington

Love, Love, Love the Journal Writing Prompts
Several years ago, I decided that switching to the computer, as a means of journaling, would be a good idea. I type 92 words a minute, and typing my journal entries would significantly cut down on the hours I spend actually writing longhand in a book. I, of course, had no kind of journaling software, so I just used Microsoft Word. That experiment was a dismal failure. There was no way to find anything; there was no way to keep entries in any kind of order, as Word dates things by “date modified”, and every time you open a document it is considered to be modified. It drove me absolutely nuts, so I gave up and went back to pen and paper.

Then my boyfriend bought me LifeJournal (JournalLife) for Valentine’s Day. I thought it was really sweet, but I almost didn’t try it. I had been after him for eons to write me some journaling software, and he just never found the time to do it, so I thought it was kind of a cop out. After I got over my pout, I went ahead and tried it out, and I love it. I’ve used it ever since. It saves in chronological order, and that makes my life so much easier. I like that I can assign topics to my entries, so I can tell, at a glance, what I was dealing with/feeling, and I lovelovelove the prompts feature. I’ve always tried to write something every day, and sometimes writers block or lethargy really hampers that goal. With the prompts option, I’m able to write something every single day. If I don’t have a topic of my own, it’s so easy to just hit the prompts button and answer a question. I’ve actually written some of my best, most introspective and in-depth journal entries using that feature.–Laura, Ohio

Easy to Use, Insightful, and MInd-Expanding Journaling Software

I have had such a good time with this journaling software. The prompts are really helpful. Through them, I have looked at some points of my life that I haven’t thought about in years, even through two years of psychotherapy.

I usually do my own events of the day and then use the timer to use the prompts, otherwise I would be at the journal 24/7. I’m hoping to be able to get the software for my daughters.

I have 3 daughters and they each have a daughter. Could Mother and daughter journal on the same journaling software, split by passwords? What a legacy that would be for future generations!!! And what therapy for my daughters!

Thanks. I have to say the software is so user-friendly and easy. –M. Maidlow, New York

Find Your Truth With Journal Software, Then Write Your Book

During the 1990s I purchased LifeJournal (JournalLife) for self-expression and a life review . The collection of journal and dream entries supported my reasons and objectives to write my recently-published book, Doorways to Significance: Finding Peace, Power & Passion. Because of LifeJournal (JournalLife) I was able to release fear in order to write my truth. I am ever grateful to Ruth Folit for her creation of a working tool offering support and safety for my process. I always encourage others to use LifeJournal (JournalLife) as a sacred place in which to cuss, fuss and discuss finding only ultimate joy and freedom in the experience. Not every person will create a book from the use of LifeJournal (JournalLife); however, the revelation of self is always achieved. –Pat Holland Conner, author, motivational speaker, family therapist, Reno, Nevada

Journal Application that Gives You the Courage to Write!

I love, love, love LifeJournal (Journalife) software.  It gives me courage to write. I thought my voice was silent after a devastating loss – but it has come forth again. I attribute this to the LifeJournal (JournalLife) software. I can write whatever is in my heart, because I know that no one will read it unless I invite them.  My writing is password-protected, even if I just walk away from my computer. Plus, I have prompts, tips, ideas, wisdom from those who are traveling the road ahead of me. This tool is a must-have for computer-o-philes like me who love to write down thoughts to clarify thinking. Or for anyone else who likes to journal.– Mary Hansen, California