Journal Explorer: View Listings of Your Entries and Do Simple Searches

Click the Journal Explorer button in the toolbar to open the Journal Explorer, a combination of a directory of your entries and a simple way to search for your entries.

On the right side of Journal Explorer: The results of any searches are displayed here. Note the Show All button, which is a kind of search (that is, a search for ALL entries). You’ll also see the numbers of total entries you have in the bottom right.

 Double click an entry title to open or use the open button. Use the print button to  print your entries.  A circle under the Pulse, Topics, or Handwritten columns lets you know if you have have entered a Daily Pulse, tagged an entry with a Topic, or createda Handwritten entry, respectively.

 Right Side of Journal Explorer


  • Click an entry title to open the entry. 
  • Click the column labels to sort A-Z, Z-A.
  • You can open multiple journal entries by selecting (checking the box to the left of the Date column and then clicking the Open button at the bottom of the Journal Explorer.
  • Save a journal entry to your local drive by clicking the Print button   and then click the Save button.
  • Delete an entry here (but think twice before you do that). It’s hard to predict what gems you’ll find in an entry years from now.

On the left side of Journal Explorer: Perform simple searches, by just one search criteria.

Click on the blue bars: Journal Notebook, Lister (by the last chunk of time, [for example, the last week, the last month]), Calendar (by date), by Topic.

Left Side of Journal Explorer


If you want to use multiple criteria in searching rather than searching by a single element, click the Search button on the LJO Toolbar.