Journal Entries: Write, Edit, and Review


Open an entry by clicking a Notebook button on the left side of the LJO Toolbar.



Entry Toolbar: The entry toolbar has tools special for journal writing.

Close and save an entry by clicking the Save & Close button Save&Closebutton on the Entry toolbar.   Autosaving is taking place often.

But before you close an entry, ALWAYS click this Save & Close button.

  • Timers:

Stopwatch Timer

Keep track of how much time you want to write. You can use the stopwatch to keep track of how long you have written.  Use the Timer to set how long you want to write.

  • Journaling Techniques: JournalTechniquesIcon Vary how you write a journal entry.  Learn new journal writing techniques! One of  LifeJournal’s distinctions– information about journaling is built in to the software. Click on this if you want to shake up your journaling a bit.
  • Handwritten or Typed: The icon looks like this Typed Icon normally, when an entry is Typed, but when you click it turns to Handwritten Icon showing that the entry is Handwritten.  We know sometimes you just want to forget about the keyboard and write by hand!  Use LJO to catalog even your handwritten entries.


      • Enter the title, date, notebook type and tag topics of the handwritten entry.
      • In the entry body, describe the location of the handwritten entry, such as “page 32 of the green spiral notebook.”
      • Perhaps include an important paragraph from the handwritten entry into the LJO entry.
  • Daily Pulse Values:  Click this button ShowPulseIcon(toChange) to see all your Daily Pulse Values for that day. It gives you some context when re-reading an entry:  Oh!  I was working on just 3 hours of sleep…I see why I was so impatient!

Entry Editor Controls: The bottom controls with the gray background gives you a wide range of word processing tools for your entry.Journal-entry-controls



Tip:  Note this Maxmize button MaximizeEntryIcon , which expands the entry into the full screen.  And also, you can use this collapse arrow CollapseEntryEditorarrow  in the bottom right corner of the editor controls to hide them entirely.

Topics: To the right of each entry is the Topics List where you can tag or assign one or more topics to an entry. Later you can search entries by a particular topic(s). To tag an entry, from desktops and laptops click and drag a topic from the Topics List to the Entry Topics box above. Clicking the green arrow to the right of each topic also will tag a topic.


Of course, you’ll want to make sure the Topics reflect your life. Click the Manage Topics button, then select a topic (or subtopic) and you can Add, Edit, and Remove.


  • When using a tablet, you can nly assign a topic to an entry by clicking the green arrow. GreenArrow-Topics  The drag and drop function doesn’t work on tablets.  
  • Once back in the entry, click the refresh button TopicsRefreshbutton  in the Topics area to see the Topics List modifications. You can change these topics all at once when you set up LJO, or modify them over time.  
  • Click the Expand/Collapse button Expand-collapse Button to show/hide subtopics.