Daily Pulse: Track Your Activities and Attitudes to Observe Trends

Pulse Input: Enter your Daily Pulse values by clicking and dragging the slider, or entering the number. Write Pulse Notes which elaborate on the values you have entered.

Daily Pulse Input

Click the Manage Pulse button to customize your Daily Pulse scales. You can create 10 or less scales that you want to track.


  • Use the Daily Pulse Notes to give yourself more information about your day.  Energy high? Include a short note here that you recent promotion is boosting your spirits.
  • You can enter info for any date by clicking the Show By Date button.

Daily Pulse Graph: See line graphs of your Daily Pulse Input, making trends visible.



  • Click the legend at the bottom of the graph to display/hide different scales. Display two scales that might affect each other—say, stress and sleep, and learn more about your patterns.
  • Click a point on the graph to display in the Journal Explorer any journal entries written that day. By cross-referencing between the Daily Pulse and entries, you can be a detective and uncover trends. Figure out, for example, what was going on right before you got sick, or began to sleep less or had a burst of productivity.