Daily and Dream Journal Entries:

  • User friendly with many standard word processing functions including a spell checker, thesaurus, inserting graphics, and insert hyperlinks.
  • Displays the Topics that you have assigned to the entry and to passages.

Topics List:

  • Quickly customizable to reflect your life.
  • Effortlessly assigns Topics to whole entries or passages of text for quick search and review.

Search and Review:

  • Quickly search by calendar, by date tree control, by topic, or by type of entry.
  • Instantly finds journal entries with easy to use search dialog.
  • Quickly creates Search Result list from which to open an entry or many entries simultaneously.

Prompts and Quotes:

  • More than 400 Prompts and 1500 Quotes are at your fingertips to encourage your writing.
  • You can add your own prompts and quotes.

Life History Timeline:

  • Graphically displays your entire life.
  • Write Life History journal entries.
  • Insert pictures, audio, and video files.
  • Preserves memories. Helps you create your autobiography at your own pace.

Daily Pulse:

  • Quickly record the “pulse” of your day with interactive gauges.
  • Track up to 10 scales: subjectively rate your health and mood, and objectively count the hours you slept and the miles you walked.
  • Daily Pulse Graph takes your Daily Pulse entries and creates line graphs, clearly displaying the ups and downs of your life. The graph is cross-referenced to open associated journal entries from graph.

Even More Features:

  • Letter to the Another Time, Timer, Journal Techniques, Exporting and Importing Entries, full Help section, Tutorial.
  • The most innovative and inspiring journal software ever!