FAQs for JournalLife Online


What is JournalLife Online?

JournalLife Online is an application where you can keep your personal or business journal online privately. For more than a decade JournalLife Online has garnered high praise from some of the most well-respected journal experts. Now that technology has achieved a level of security that we can trust, we feel comfortable bringing JournalLife online. Built in to this comprehensive journal program is an abundance of innovative tools to help you not only keep a journal, but to learn from and gain insight from your own life.  JournalLife brings you the best of journal practices which draws out the best in you!

You’ll look forward to journaling, be filled with ideas about what to write about, and use journal techniques which will shift your perspective. Quickly review and search your entries, to gain new insight about your life. You’ll find some very cool tools that will ignite (or re-ignite) your journaling spark!

How do I access JLO from every web browser?

You can access JournalLife Online from the log in page https://online.lifejournal.com/login from any of four popular web browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer

Make sure that you have the most recent version of the web browser to run JLO at its peak.

To report a problem with a particular browser, please send an email to info [at] journallife {dot}   com with the browser’s version number and a description of the issue (which feature).  Our programmers are actively testing and refining for different browser versions.

Can I run JLO from Mac or from Windows laptops or desktops?

We no longer support the desktop software.

Can I run JLO from an iPad or other tablet?

Yes! Log on from https://online.lifejournal.com/login using any of the four major web browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Chrome).

JournalLife Online is not an app, but  web-based software, so you don’t have to install the app on the iPad or other tablet.  Simply open a browser, go to the log on page, enter your user name and password and start writing!

Where is my data stored?

Your journal data is stored remotely on secure servers. The data is backed up continuously.

What level of security does JournalLife Online use?

All journal data will be transmitted in encrypted 256 bit. This is the maximum SSL certificate for online software data transmission. Additionally, even the JournalLife administrators and programmers do not have access to the journal data. The level of security for JournalLife Online is the same high quality that NASA, the military, and the banks have in place. We take your privacy seriously.

What does a JournalLife Online  subscription cost?

$27 per year.  Subscribe here.

Can I try JournalLife Online before I buy?

Yes!  You can create up to 15 journal entries in JournalLife Online before you can’t write any more. Click here to sign up for a trial.  Because you have a chance to try before you buy, you cannot receive a refund for an online subscription.

Understanding that JournalLife is state-of-the-art in keeping your journal data secure, are there best practices that I can take to help keep my JournalLife Online secure?

Yes, there are several things we suggest:

  1. Select a password that is at least eight characters long, with both upper and lower case letters and numbers. Select a password that is not made of words or obvious strings of characters (like 123abc or JohnSmith)
  2. Don’t tell anyone your password, but keep a copy of your password in some very private safe place—not on your computer.  Rather than write “My JournalLife Online password is ______,” make the info less understandable to others, like: [password]JLO (e.g. g8LPf33huJLO).  You’ll understand what that means, but others won’t.
  3. When your browser asks whether you want to save your password, select No.
  4. When you close JLO, click the Logout button in the top right navigation bar, rather than just closing the browser.

Can I sync my JournalLife for Windows with the Online version?

Right now JournalLife no longer support the desktop software. We will let you know as soon as  that is available.

What are Add-Ons?

Every journal keeper uses his/her journal for different purposes. Some people use their journals as a place to do warming up exercises for writing as well as to capture observations, notes, and snippets of conversations for their essays, novels, or creative non-fiction they want to bring to the public.

Many journal writers use their journals as a place to work with their emotions or ponder questions of life meaning and their spirituality. The Add-Ons help you focus more on your own particular journaling needs.

Written by highly-regarded experts in their fields, an Add-On consists of additional Prompts, Quotes,Tips, Topics, Daily Pulse Scales, and Journal Notebooks.  We at JournalLife think of JournalLife Online without the Add-Ons as vanilla ice-cream, and the Add-Ons are the flavorings—the fudge, the chocolate chips, the nuts, or the chunks of fruit–that are swirled into the ice-cream to give it additional flavor.

Learn more about each Add-On and who wrote it:

May I have more than one Add-On within JournalLife Online?

Yes, you can have as many Add-Ons as you’d like.  Each Add-On is seamlessly incorporated into the program, so that additional prompts, tips, quotations, topics, notebooks, and Daily Pulse scales appear within your journal.

How do I access my Add-Ons?

Once you purchase the Add-Ons, they will be automatically accessible from your JournalLife Online. There is nothing more that you have to do to activate the Add-Ons.

How much do Add-Ons cost?

Each Add-On costs $19.95 – a one time fee.

If I already have an Add-On from JournalLife 3 or a specialized edition of JournalLife2 (e.g. JournalLife for Writers), how do I move my Add-Ons to JournalLife Online?

If you have previously purchased an Add-On (through JournalLife 3 or the JL2 specialized editions such as JournalLife for Writers or Christian JournalLife) you don’t need to purchase the Add-On again.

Here are the ways that you can get the Add-Ons previously purchased in a Windows edition to your JLO subscription:

If you are syncing JournalLife3 for Windows with JL Online, then during the syncing the Add-Ons will be automatically transferred.

If you have JL3 for Windows or a specialized edition of JL2 and you do NOT have any entries that you are moving to JLO, but want your Add-Ons in JLO, then send an email to info[at] journallife [ dot ] com, with PLEASE ACTIVATE MY ADD-ONS in the subject line. Include either (1) your Add-On keys (2) your receipt or (3) if you don’t have 1 or 2 above, then a request for research with your name, email address at the time of purchase. We will take care of your request as quickly as possible.

How do I buy an Add-On for JournalLife Online?

At the time that you subscribe to JOurnalLife Online  you can buy Add-Ons.

To purchase an Add-On after your subscribe to JournalLife Online, log in to your JLO , click the Add-On link in the top navigation bar and you can buy any Add-On.

Will I be charged annually?

You will be notified about the annual fee seven days before it is due and your credit card will be charged and you’ll have access to JournalLife Online unless you cancel your subscription.

How do I export my journal entries, so that I can keep a copy of them locally?

Open the Journal Explorer (by clicking on the Explorer button on the JournalLife toolbar) and then click the Print button. There’s a Save button that allows you to save the entry to your local drive, Dropbox, or any place your choose.

You said that JournalLife for Windows has been in existence for more than a decade.  How does JL for Windows and JL Online compare?

We no longer support the JL Windows. But most of the features that are found in JournalLife for Windows are also in JournalLife Online. The following features of JL for Windows are also found on JournalLife Online:

  • Journal entries with ability to assign or tag topic(s) to entries.
  • Topics List
  • Journal Types or Notebooks
  • Prompts
  • Quotes Daily Pulse
  • Wisdom
  • Journal Explorer
  • Search
  • Journal techniques
  • Timers
  • Password-protected, secure, encrypted data

How does the Topic List work?

Why is there a Topic List?

The Topics List allows you to create a list of topics that you can tag or assign to a journal entry. By tagging topics to entries you can later search for and find sets of entries with common threads.

How do I tag a Topic to an entry?

To tag a Topic to an entry, you can either, from the Topic List:

  • click and drag the Topic up to the box above, labeled Entry Topics


  • click the green arrow to the right of a Topic

How do I remove a Topic that is tagged to an entry?

Click the “x” to the right of the Topic that is in the Entry Topics box.

How do I edit the Topic List to reflect my life?

Click the Manage Topics button at the bottom of the Topics List.  In this dialog box that opens, you can Add, Edit, or Delete a topic.

  • If you want to add a top-level topic, click the Add button, and enter the topic.
  • If you want to add a subtopic, select the topic in the list (which will turn red), and then click the Add button and enter the subtopic name.
  • If you want to edit a topic, select the topic and click the Edit button and make the change.
  • If you want to delete a topic, select the topic and click the Delete button.

How long has JournalLife been in existence?

JournalLife for Windows was launched in May,1999. JournalLife Online launched in March, 2013.  More than 30,000 customers have purchased JournalLife and many customers today started with JOurnalLife1, and now own JournalLife3. Unfortunately, JournalLife for Windows is no longer support the desktop software.

Is JournalLife customizable?

Yes, there are so many different ways that you can customize JournalLife to make it yours:

Notebooks—select the notebook names, toolbar icons, and entry formats
Topic List—create a list of topics that you’ll tag to entries

Daily Pulse Scales—chose what personal characteristics you want to track Prompts—add your own and edit the existing

Quotes—add your own and edit the existing

Start up feature—select which feature appears when JLO starts
Add-On—focus your journal to a particular subject, such as for Writers, for Emotional Balance, for Spirituality or for Creativity.

Can I print entries? 

Yes, to print a journal entry, open the Journal Explorer (click the Explorer button in the application toolbar).  Click the Print button in the column to the right of the entry.

Is there is an AutoSave feature? How do I know when an entry is autosaved?

Yes, there is an Autosave feature that will save your entry automatically 15 seconds after you begin to write an entry. At that particular moment, the word “Autosaved” appears below the entry on the right.  Also, the first time an entry is autosaved, a title will appear in the entry consisting of the first 40 characters of the entry.  Before you manually save the entry you may change the title within the Title field.  Every 80 seconds thereafter, your entry will be autosaved. When the entry is being autosaved, the word “Autosaved” appears below the entry for 3 seconds.

On rare occasion I am not able to log in to my JournalLife Online. The login page doesn’t show properly and I’m not able to enter my user name and password. What should I do?

It’s likely that the cache of your browser(s) needs to be cleared. Once your cache of your browser is cleared, go back to the log-in page and try logging in again.

Here is a list of links for how to clear the cache on different browsers:

NOTE: When troubleshooting issues with any web site, after clearing your browser’s cache, exit your browser completely before attempting to access the site again.
When you restart your browser go to https://journallife.me/login/ to login in to JournalLife Online.

Sometimes–but not always–within the journal entry, the date stamp is wrong.  How to fix that?

The problem is that the cache of your browser hasn’t been cleared lately.   Click here for instructions on how clear the cache on different browsers.

 Are there any other Help files for JournalLife Online?

Yes, you can learn about JournalLife Online by feature by going to https://journallife.me/lifejournal-online-ljo-by-feature/