Why JournalLife

JournalLife is complete and intelligent journaling software. With JournalLife you:

  • Write, reflect, express, rant, record, and vent in a secure, private environment.
  • Are inspired to write more often, more consistently, and with greater depth.
  • Track your progress for things that matter in your life.
  • Search and Review to quickly read what you wrote—finding the relevant entries and passages.
  • Remember your past easily and see it in context on a timeline.
  • Understand your life more clearly—making connections, seeing patterns, and gaining insight.

Take your life to the next level with JournalLife!

An unexamined life is not worth living.” — Socrates

Write. Be Inspired. Track. Search and Review. Remember.…Understand.


  • Record, store, and organize personal and professional writings in a unified, simple, and secure way.
  • Create a safe place for playfulness, spontaneity, venting, and risk as well as a serious reflection and careful consideration.
  • Improve your health—research has proven that writing meaningfully about yourself for even twenty minutes a day increases immune system functioning.

Be Inspired.

  • Get motivated to write by reading uplifting and meaningful quotes from our culture’s heroes and heroines.
  • Stimulate your deeper thinking with questions to spark your writing.


  • Monitor progress daily related to personal and professional life—such as exercise, hours slept, products sold, productivity, health level, or any other measurements you chose.
  • Stay focused on specific issues or projects of your life and see your cycles and patterns.
Search & Review.

  • Quickly find writing related by topic, date, your chosen tracking measurements.
  • Instantly bring together a document of passages you have written about specific topic(s). You can see a chronological record of events, observe your progress on particular issues, or examine the shift in your perspectives over time.
  • Finding specific in journal software has never been easier!


  • Write about the past and see how it relates to your present.
  • Write your autobiography naturally as memories bubble to the surface.


  • See your life more clearly by reflecting, by making connections, and by seeing life patterns.
  • Go below the obvious surface to the layers of complexity of a rich, fully lived life—and give meaning to events, emotions, your reactions