Great Journal Software Just Got Better:

What’s new in JournalLife 3!

JournalLife 3 has the same comprehensive and flexible structure of JournalLife 2, with many features expanded in ways that JournalLife customers have asked for, and some new features that we know you’ll love! Here’s what’s new in JournalLife3.

  • More customization: Now you can customize JournalLife even more, making it look and feel the way you want it!  We’ve added many new themes and color schemes to choose from, with a sampling of some new theme buttons below. (And not to worry, we kept the JL2 available buttons as well.)


  • The ultimate customization, Add-Ons: Each of us keeps a journal for different reasons–to learn more about ourselves; as part of our writing practice; to vent our emotions; to foster creativity; as part of our spiritual practice, and so on. Add-Ons allow you to customize your journal with the subjects that you care most about!  With seven Add-Ons written by top experts in the field, you can mix and match! (How about Writers and Creativity? Writers and Spirituality? Emotional Balance and Creativity? Christian and Writers?) Just $19.95 per Add-On.
  • Listen to wisdom from journaling experts: Any journal writer can fall into a writing dry spell, and then it’s the perfect time to find encouragement and inspiration from a wise source. Within JournalLife 3 you’ll find dozens of one minute wisdom spoken to you from some of the top names in the journaling world: Christina Baldwin, Lucia Capacchione, Mark Matousek, Gillie Bolton, Sheila Bender, Joyce Chapman, Beth Jacobs, and Susan Borkin! (and more coming…)
  • New ways to find life patterns with Templates:  If you are looking for patterns or focusing on a particular aspect of your lifecreate a template. A template is a set of questions that you ask yourself periodically. For example, our basic template has one question about the highlight of your day.  After you have answered those questions for several months you may discern a pattern of things that you really love–that you might not have even realized previously. JournalLife 3 includes default templates and gives you an easy way to create your own!
  • Stay within JournalLife to post to your WordPress blog:  Keep your private writing and your public writing all in the same place!. Upload directly to your WordPress blog from JournalLife.
  • Greatly expanded Timeline: Now you can display any of the types of journal entries (not just Life History) on the timeline.  Better navigation!
  • New prompts related especially to writing about your past! Great for getting started on your memoir!
  • More customization! Now you can create your own background using an image you select and then either tile or center it.  
  • Yes, even more customization! Some of us instantly get into journal writing mode when we hear that JournalLife opening guitar riff.  But if you want to listen a different sound when you open JL3, just browse to a .wav audio file you’d like.
  • More printing possibilitiesPrint the contents of the Journal Explorer, the Topics List, a Table of Contents when you print out multiple journal entries, and more!
  • Write in any (Unicode-based) language:  That includes such languages as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Cyrillic, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Italian, and Hebrew– but doesn’t include Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Unlimited journal types are now possible. You can keep more than the six limitation that you had in JL2. Keep a food journal, a health journal, a poetry journal, an exercise journal, work journal, relationship journal, together all in one comprehensive JournalLife!
  • Export into PDF format now, as well as previously allowable formats html, rtf, and txt
  • Assigning Topics to Passages with different color: As always you can tag or assign topic(s) to passages, but now you can have the highlight of different topics be in different colors
  • Discounted membership to International Association of Journal Writing:When you buy JL3 (new or upgrade) you can get a 20% discount to membership ($39 for the YEAR, rather than the usual $49!) from the International Association for Journal Writing. This membership site is filled with an astounding amount of information, journaling exercises, journal writing classes and e-books for a discounted rate, access to the dozens of articles, videos, offered by the top 30 journal experts in the field!
  • More quotes and prompts—More prompts and quotes added to the already large database of prompts and quotes!

Purchase JournalLife 3 for $49.95 for the download.

Upgrading from JL2 or from one of the specialized versions such as JournalLife for Writers or Christian JournalLife?  The cost is only $24.95! Add shipping charges, if you want a CD delivered.