Dragonfly Research Group Produces the Journal Application JournalLife

Highly Recommended Journal Application

Chronicles Software is the leading provider of the journal application used by individuals and professionals to organize their thoughts and feelings for further reflection and understanding. JournalLife is being used by tens of thousands of people worldwide. Since 1999 JournalLife has been recognized by journal experts, professional writers and publishers, and individual journal writers as the leading journal application on the market today. Chronicles Software Company’s mission is to create the highest quality comprehensive, secure, enriching, and innovative journal application. JournalLife is a journal application with both brain and heart.

A handful of experts in fields associated with journaling have written the content for Add-Ons.

  • Sheila Bender is an author, writing coach, and wrote the Writers’ Add-On.
  • Dr. Eric Maisel is an author, psychologist, and the foremost creativity expert and wrote the Creativity Add-On.
  • Dr. Beth Jacobs is a psychologist and author and wrote the Emotional Balance Add-On.
  • Mark Matousek is an author and teacher and wrote the Spirituality Add-On.
  • Dr. Dennis Daley is a professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medical, an author, and research in addictions and wrote the Staying Sober Add-On.
  • Dr. Bob Climko is a physician, teacher, business consultant, success trainer, and Christian and wrote the Christian Add-On.
  • Pamela Wynn is an attorney and social work and wrote the Divorce Add-On.
  • Kathy Larson is a teacher and teacher trainer and wrote the Educators’ Add-On.

Lee Jones is a senior programmer and is responsible for all the programming for JournalLife Online and JournalLife for Windows.  A programmer for more than 25 years, Lee has kept a journal for many years as well.

Recent Press:

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June 18, 2008: JournalLife named “Best Journal Software” by Journal Expert Kathleen Adams