View Multiple Journal Entries: JournalLife for Windows

by Ruth Folit

JournalLife for Windows is the only journal software program that I know of that allows you to view more than one journal entry at time. I think that this feature is valuable as you can compare journal entries, or work on one as you view another.

There are some nice features that are incorporated to help you be able to set up these entries quickly and easily. In the Journal Explorer, if you select multiple entries and then right click and select open, the many journal entries will open in cascading windows, where the windows overlap each other, but the title bars remain visible.

However, if you have just a few entries–say, two to four–then you can arrange the windows so you see multiple entries simultaneously. With multiple entries open, go to the Windows menu and either select Tile Horizontally or Tile Vertically. The open entry windows will then neatly arrange themselves in horizontal bands (Tile Horizontally) or side by side (Tile Vertically).

To efficiently close all the windows at once, go to the Windows menu>Close All.