Specialized Editions: How They Work

When you open any of the journal programs in the JournalLife 2 family (for example, JournalLife 2, JournalLife for Writers, JournalLife for Educators), they look very similar. However, when you open each of the features, the content varies from specialized journal program to specialized journal program. For example, the JournalLife for Writers has Prompts, Quotes, Tips, a default Topics List, and default Daily Pulse Scales for aspiring and professional writers; the JournalLife for Staying Sober has Prompts, Quotes, Tips and so on, for those interested in recovering from alcohol and drug addictions; Christian JournalLife’s content focuses on those who are dedicated to living by a Christian value system; JournalLife for Educators is directed teachers and administrators of elementary through high school.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about specialized editions:

Q: Can I have multiple specialized editions of JournalLife? How does that work?
A: Yes, you can include as many specialized editions of JournalLife as you want. They all merge into one JournalLife journal program. The different sets of prompts will merge into one database of prompts in your JournalLife, the different sets of quotes will merge into one large set of quotes and so on. You can mix and match as you like, purchasing for example, the JournalLife for Educators and then “expand” to the JournalLife for Writers.

Q. Can I see how each of the programs runs before I buy?
A. You can see how one program works by downloading the demo. Once you have downloaded one JournalLife demo onto a computer, you can not demo another specialized version on the same computer. (If you download a different specialized journal program onto the same computer, you won’t be able to see the differences.)

Q. How can I to learn more about different specialized versions?

A: (1) Look at samples of the specialized editions Prompts and Prompt Categories, Quotes, Topics Lists, Tips and other features below.
(2) Go to the tour pages of each of the different specialized journal programs or more information.
(3) Download a different specialized journal program into a different computer that has never had LJ installed.

Q. If I don’t yet have the original JournalLife 2, do I have to purchase it before I purchase a Specialized Edition?

A. No, almost everything that is in the original JournalLife 2 is also in the Specialized Editions.

Q. How do I purchase and run multiple specialized editions?

A. Once you purchase a specialized journal program, you will receive a key.  Download the demo file of the specialized journal program and double click it for installation. When you enter a key for the specialized journal program, you will be asked whether you want to bring in the Prompts, Quotes, etc.. Click “yes” and you’ll have all the new material from the specialized edition merged into your existing Life Journal program.

Q. What does it cost to purchase a specialized Life Journal program?

A. If you have not purchased a JournalLife2 program previously, then the cost of the key for a Specialized Edition is $49.95.

If you have a JournalLife 2 program, then the cost of the “expansion” key for a Specialized Edition is $19.95.

If you have a JournalLife 1 program, the cost of the key for a Specialized Edition is $29.95.

For all purchases, if you want the CD, there are additional shipping and handling charges.

To purchase the Specialized Edition, go to the ordering page for the proper website:

Purchase JournalLife for Writers
 Purchase JournalLife for Educators
Purchase JournalLife for Staying Sober and Preventing Relapse
Purchase Christian JournalLife


JournalLife for WRITERS:


  • Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.”-William Butler Yeats
  • “Words are sounds of the heart.”-Chinese proverb


  • Sample prompt categories: memoir writing; stage and screen, fiction writing, personal essay, revising, article ideas, dialog building
  • From the category “Memoir writing”: List objects that you have kept with you for years. Outline a memoir for which each chapter is named for one of the objects. When you write the chapters, tell the story of the object and how it came to be in your possession.
  • From the category “Point of view”: Write a diary entry by an unreliable narrator (or yourself when blinded by high emotion). Now write a diary entry about the same day from the point of view of a reliable narrator (or yourself when reason returned).


  • Go easy on adjectives–describe your subjects with nouns and metaphor.
  • If you want to turn a freewrite or journal entry into a poem, try putting the prose into couplets (the two lines do not have to rhyme). Next, make stanzas of about 4-6 couplets. Next, prune words that are now unnecessary.

Default Daily Pulse Scales:  Productivity, innovation, in-flow, persistence, depth

JournalLife for EDUCATORS:


  • “One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers…with gratitude to those who touched our human feeling…”–Carl Gustav Jung
  • “Teaching is the greatest act of optimism.” — Colleen Wilcox


  • Sample Prompt Categories: attitudes and values; performance, reflection, knowledge, motivation, growth, leadership
  • From the category “Performance”: What quality do you possess that your students admire the most?
  • From the category “Attitudes and values”: What are the core values you believe are most important in education?

Default Daily Pulse Scales: Motivation, Stress, Productivity, Health

CHRISTIAN JournalLife:


  • “Let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action.”-John 3:18
  • “The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.”-Emily Dickenson
  • “God will not ask you how many books you have read, how many miracles you have worked. He will ask you if you have done your best, for the love of Him. “-Mother Teresa


  • Sample Prompt Categories: Spiritual life, self-disclosure, family, work
  • From the category “Self-disclosure”: Describe a moment in your life when you felt extremely close to God.
  • From the category “Arts & Culture”: What book(s) have most influenced your Christian life? Why?
  • From the category “Work”:Are you easily able to engage in Christian behavior through your daily work?


  • Reading the Bible or your daily devotional may also act as an inspiration for your journaling.
  • List some examples of your Christ-like actions. Provide one example of being Christ-like which you can exhibit today.
  • Your habit of writing often differentiates you positively. It helps your Christian Life develop and flourish.

Default Daily Pulse Scales: Faith, charity, purpose, contentment, obedience


JournalLife for STAYING SOBER:


  • “Recovery is more than abstinence from substances: it involves changing yourself and your lifestyle.”-Dr. Dennis Daley
  • “Growth begins when we start to accept our own weakness.”-Jean Vanier


  • Sample Categories: Alcohol and drug use, health, emotional health, religion and spirituality, treatment and recovery, relapse prevention
  • From the category “Relapse Prevention”: How would you know if you are headed towards a relapse? What are the warning signs?
  • From the category “Alcohol and Drug Use”: Do you think alcohol or other drugs, or partying, have become too important in your life? Explain your answer.


  • The first three months of recovery are usually the most difficult and represent the highest risk period for relapse. Your body has to adjust to being alcohol or drug free. Your mind has to think differently and not let “addictive” thoughts lead you back to using. You also have to get used to situations where you are pressured to use alcohol or other drugs. And, you have to modify your lifestyle so you get satisfaction from non-substance activities.
  • Recovery is not a solo effort. Getting support from others helps you through difficult times and keeps you connected.

Default Daily Pulse Scales: Alcohol use, drug use, cravings, motivation, social support, recovery tools.