Preliminary Frequently Asked Questions-JournalLife Online

Can I run LJO from Mac or from Windows laptops or desktops?


Can I run LJO from a tablet?

At the moment, we are in the midst of testing for tablets.  Most features of JournalLife run on tablets, but we can’t guarantee that every feature runs on every tablet right now. As more testing goes on, we’ll let you which tablets run LJO.  We’ll be making programmatic changes so that in a very short time JournalLife Online will run on the most tablets.

How do I access LJO from web browsers?

You can access JournalLife Online from any of four popular web browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer

Make sure that you have the most recent version of the web browser to run JournalLife Online at its peak.

Where is my data stored?

Your journal data is stored remotely on secure servers. The data is backed up continuously.

What level of security is my data stored?

All journal data will be transmitted in encrypted 256 bit.  This is the maximum SSL certificate for online software data transmission.  Additionally, even the JournalLife administrators and programmers do not have access to the journal data.

Can the JournalLife administrators read my journal?

Absolutely not. JournalLife administrators and programmers do NOT have access to journal data.

Can I sync my JournalLife for Windows with the Online version?

Yes, this will be a feature in the very near future. Right now you cannot synchronize your JournalLife for Windows with JournalLife Online.  We will let you know as soon as that is available.

What’s the best way to close JournalLife Online?

The best way to close JournalLife Online is to click the Logout button near the top right corner of the application. When you click the Logout button, all of your journal data will be saved and the pop-up window that have opened which are part of LJO (e.g. prompts, quotes, or Daily Pulse ) will automatically close.

However, if you click the [X] button of the browser, your journal data will be saved, but the popup window will not close automatically.  You can close the pop-up window manually.

How do I print entries? 

To print a journal entry, open the Journal Explorer (click the Explorer button in the application toolbar).  Click thePrint button in the column to the right of the entry.

Is there is an AutoSave feature? How do I know when an entry is autosaved?       

Yes, there is an Autosave feature that will save your entry automatically 15 seconds after you begin to write an entry. At that particular moment, the word “Autosaved” appears below the entry on the right.  Also, the first time an entry is autosaved, a title will appear in the entry consisting of the first 40 characters of the entry.  Before you manually save the entry you may change the title within the Title field.  Every 80 seconds thereafter, your entry will be autosaved. When the entry is being autosaved, the word “Autosaved” appears below the entry for 3 seconds.