Keeping a Continuous Entry

Q. Sometimes my daily entries are quite short.  I would like to continue writing in that particular entry without starting a new entry and yet have the date of that new entry recorded.  Is there any way of doing this?

A. Yes, there are ways to add to an existing entry and to record the date of when you add the new material.  You can always go back to an entry that you’ve written and add to it. Open an existing entry by double clicking the row of the particular entry on the Journal Explorer.  Click your mouse within the opened entry and then you can add text.

To insert the date of the added text, go to the Journal Entry Insert menu>Insert Date/Time stamp.  Note, however, that the date on the entry itself is still the date when you first created the entry.

For some parts of your life you may want to create one entry for an entire week or an entire month. For example, if you are taking medication and you want to remember when you took your pills, or if you are tracking a physiologic function, like blood sugar, you can record this in a single entry for a time period longer than a day.  Or say, you want to keep track of your spouse’s behavior for a divorce or custody case. Or perhaps you want to keep a log of work phone calls for the week. Here’s an example for tracking blood sugar for the week.  Title the entry “Blood Sugar: July 08 Week 3.”

In the journal entry, go to Insert menu>Date/Time stamp.  The date will appear in the following format: 7/14/2008 1:02 PM.  Then, enter the level, “80 mg.”  Later that day, open the same journal entry, click Insert menu>Date/Time stamp and enter your the blood sugar level, Over time you’ll have a listing of all your blood sugar levels for the particular days.