Keep a Success or Victory Log:

Turn your self talk positive

Get positive reinforcement by keeping a Victory or Success Log!

It’s a rare person who doesn’t need positive reinforcement from time to time. Often we depend on friends and partners to help us get through tough times; it’s also good to be able to help ourselves with a boost when necessary. Use JournalLife to help you feel better about yourself with a Victory Log.

A victory or success log is a compilation of your victories of any proportion. Write at least a sentence or two every day somewhere in your daily journal entry about something you feel good about. It may be an accomplishment as seemingly minimal as putting your feisty two year old’s shoes on him without losing your temper, or as subtle as artfully navigating through a delicate conversation with a colleague.

Select (click and drag your mouse cursor over) the text that you want to include in your victory log. In the default topics list, there is a top named “Log,” with a sub-topic in it named “Victory.” Click on the “Victory”  sub-topic and you will have just highlighted that passage– assigning the topic “Victory” to the passage.

Later, when you may be feeling down and want to boost your spirits you could remind yourself of your positive qualities, by opening the Victory/Success log:

  1. Open the Search dialog box by clicking the Search application toolbar button.
  2. Click the topic Victory in the Log folder. (Click the plus to the left of the Log folder, then click on the Victory topic.)
  3. Select the “Retrieve Highlighted Passages Only” box below the Topics List.
  4. Click the “Search” button.
  5. A document will appear with all the passage that you have written about your victories–small and large.

Getting into the habit of keeping a victory or success log does several things for you:

  1. It helps change your thinking patterns about yourself, perhaps breaking a corrosive inner habit of focusing on your mistakes and replace it with positive inner self-talk about what you did right.
  2. It lets you go back and see example after example of the successes in your life, written in your own words.