Journal Entry Feature Details

by Ruth Folit
written May, 2007


Even people who have used JournalLife 2 for years may not know that there are other ways to control and modify the formatting of a journal entry than from the journal entry toolbar and menu: One can change the line spacing from single (the default) to any multiple that you would like.

To change the line spacing, right click in the body of the journal entry and a context menu appears. Click on Paragraph and you’ll see that you have three tabs: Indents and SpacingTabs, and Text Flow. Click Indents and Spacing and under Line spacing you’ll have four choices: single, 1.5, double, and multiple. If you selectmultiple, then you can enter exactly the spacing you desires.

You can also change the right or left margin using the Indents and Spacing tab. In the Indents area, use the spinner box to select the number of pixels. The number of pixels you select will translate into the size of the left margin.

Inserting Links and Opening Links


You can also insert links from your journal entry to websites of your choice: You can link to web pages, to files in your hard drive, and even to other journal entries.

Here’s how to link to a web page: Go to the Insert menu>Hyperlink>Link to URL and dialog box will open. Select text you want to link and enter the website that you want to link to. If you have selected , enter the website address to which you want to link the text. If you haven’t selected text, enter the text that you’d like to become the link, then enter the website address.

To link to another journal entry, go to the Insert menu>Hyperlink>Link to Other LJ Entry. A dialog box will appear with the list of journal types on the left and the list of journal entries on the right. Select the journal entry on the right and click OK button.

To link to a file in your local drive, go to Insert menu>Hyperlink>Link to File. A dialog appears allowing you to browse to the file.

Remember that to open the link from a journal entry you have to click the Ctrl button along with clicking on the link.

TIP: Using this Link to File feature, you can add a “soundtrack” to the journal entry that expands the emotional description/expression of a journal entry. And for Life History entries, you might want to include the music of that era to add an audio dimension.