Instructions to download Prompts:

  1. Click the link at the end of the topic description paragraph (i.e., Finances, Work, etc.)
  2. Select save to disk.
  3. Choose (and remember) the directory where you save the file. The default directory that the file will be saved to is C:\Program Files\JournalLife, the default JournalLife directory.
  4. Import the prompts by going to the File menu>Import Custom Prompts and Quotes from within the JournalLife (version 1.3 or 1.4) Program. Browse tothe prompt file that you downloaded and click on it. It will have an .ljpq extension. (Visit https://journallife.me/download.php) to downlod a JournalLife demo (v. 1.4) or go to https://journallife.me/purchase.html to purchase JournalLife or the Upgrade.
  5. Within the JournalLife program, click on the prompt icon Prompts and select the category that you downloaded and the new prompts will appear one at a time.