How to Order Topics within the Topics List: JournalLife for Windows

Recently a customer wrote to us about how she wanted to create a particular order for the topics in her Topics List.  The Topics List automatically orders the top level topics alphabetically, and then each of the subtopics is in alphabetical order. She wanted to order her list non-alphabetically. 

The solution is quite easy:  Put a number in front of each of the topic’s name and then you’ll order those numerically.  So, if you want the following topics listed in the following order: Bananas, Apples, Cherries, rename the topics to “1Bananas,” “2Apples,” and “3Cherries.”

There is one caveat: This works for the numbers 0 through 9. Once you get into double digits (10, 11, the order isn’t numerical. The numbers are read as text so the order of  the following numbers would be 1, 10, 11, 12, 2, 20, 21, 3, 30 , 31, 32, 33,  4 etc.)

Another solution is to put a space or a symbol –such as @, #, & — before the Topic’s name. The space and those characters are read as pre-alphabet letters, so words that start with a space or symbol appear at the top of the list. So in the case above, you could type “ Bananas,” (note the space before the word “bananas”), “Apples,” and “Cherries” and you’d find those topics in the order described in the previous paragraph.