How to Install JournalLife

With Notes on Special Situations

Here are the step by step instructions about how to download and install the JournalLife program.

1. Go to www.lifejournal.com/download, complete the form and click the Submit button.
2. Click on the link that the next page that appear, and then click on the yellow download button that appears.
3. If asked, choose Save it to Disk and click OK. Remember the location of the downloaded file.
4. When the download is complete, close all programs that might be running on your machine.
5. Open the folder containing the downloaded file, which will be named lj2setup.exe. Double-click the file and the installation process will begin automatically.

If you have difficulty actually downloading the program and you are following all the instructions, but the file doesn’t download, you may have to clear the cache in your Internet browser. Here’s how to do that:

If you browser is Internet Explorer, go to the Toolsmenu>Internet Options. In the General Tab, under Temporary Internet files, click the Delete Files button.

If your browser is Mozilla Firefox, go to the Toolsmenu>Option. Then click the Privacy button on the left. To the right of Cache, click the Clear button.

If your browser is Netscape, go to the Edit menu>Preferences. On the left, click the triangle to the left of “Advanced.” ClickClear Cache button.

Here are some other notes about installation:

1. JournalLife is installed from an installation file. The installation file (about 10-11 MB) can either be downloaded from our websites or be accessed from our JournalLife CDs.

A.   Below are the web pages where you can download the JL and its specialized programs and the name of the downloaded file;


Name of Program URL to download Name of file
JournalLife 2 www.lifejournal.com/download lj2setup.exe
JL for Writers writers.lifejournal.com/download lj2wsetup.exe
Christian JournalLife christian.lifejournal.com/download lj2csetup.exe
JL for Educators educators.lifejournal.com/download lj2esetup.exe
JL for Staying Sober and Preventing Relapse stayingsober.lifejournal.com/download lj2ssetup.exe


(You can only download one JournalLife demo onto a computer. For more information about how to specialized versions work, go to www.lifejournal.com/specialized.)

B. The demo installation file is the same file as the full installation file. When you enter the key the demo version becomes the full version.

C. When you install JournalLife, there are two places on your computer where the program resides: (1) the program or software is found (if you use the default path) in C:Program Files JournalLife2  (2) the data-your journal entries, daily pulse entries, Topics List, etc-is saved (if you use the default path)in MyDocumentsJournalLife[YourName].  The two files that are critical are [YourName].ljd and [YourName].lja.

D. You can install JournalLife ONLY using the files listed above in the table.  If you copy the files that are in C:Program FilesJournalLife2 , you won’t be able to install the program onto a different computer.