How to Find the Version Number

To find out the version and build of JournalLife, within the JournalLife, go to the Help menu>About JournalLife.

The most recent version and build number for JournalLife (6/27/07) is Version Build 830

If you have JournalLife 1 (the version number would start, Version 1.XX) then you can upgrade for $19.95.  To do so, go to www.lifejournal.com/ordering and select “upgrade.” Learn more about how to upgrade from LJ1 to LJ2 and how to convert your JournalLife files.

If you have JournalLife 2, but it is a version and build that is older than the most recent one, then you can update to a new version, at no cost. First, as a precaution, back up your JournalLife files. Then, go towww.lifejournal.com/download and download and save the latest installation file.  (The demo installation file is the same one as the full version. The difference is, when you enter your key, the demo becomes the full version.)

Then, with your JournalLife program closed, double click on the downloaded file (called lj2setup.exe), and install into the same directory as the before. You can check to see if you have the newest version installed by going to the Help menu>About JournalLife.