Creating Hyperlinks between JournalLife Entries in LJ for Windows

On occasion you may have written two or more journal entries that are related in some way. Perhaps you’ve written about a night time dream and you realize that there’s some close parallel to an event in your waking life. Or perhaps, you notice the common threads between a childhood experience and a current situation, where you can see the present belief system rooted in a past incident.  By linking journal entries you can quickly move from one journal entry to another related one, helping you see connections and life patterns.

Here’s how to create a hyperlink between LifeJournal entries:

  1. Open the journal entry and select the text that you want to hyperlink.
  2. In the Journal Entry menu, go to the Insert menu>Hyperlink>Link to Other LJ Entry.
  3. A “Select Journal Entry” dialog box will appear.  Select the Journal Type of the entry that you are going to   link to, and the list of entries of that journal type will appear.
  4. Select the entry that you want to link to and the selected text will become a hyperlink.

When you press the “Ctrl” key and click the link, the other LifeJournal entry will open.