Adding Your Favorite Quotes

written February 2009

Reflecting on a quote of a deep thinker is one way to open doors to your own deep thinking. Quotes from authors and philosophers often carry you into a different stream of contemplation, into a new vantage point that may illuminate some corner of life. Of course you don’t have to agree with the quoted passage, but simply reading it may stimulate meaningful internal dialog as you follow the thread of “what ifs” and “then that means” into new intellectual territory. All this from one top-quality quote!

JournalLife has close to 2,000 quotes included in the program at the moment; however, you can add more quotes easily.

The instructions to add your own quotes follow:
1. Click on the “Quotes” button in the application tool and the Quotes dialog appears.

2. Then click the “File menu>Manage quotes” and the “Manage Quotes” dialog appears.

3. To be certain that the quote that you are about to add isn’t already in the database, on the left side of that dialog enter the first several words of the quote, select the “text” option and click the “Find” button. If the quote is already in the database, it will appear on the right bottom Result list.

4. If you determine that the quote is not available, then click the “New” button and enter (you may copy and paste) the quote at the top right text field, then enter the first and last names of the author and click the “Enter” button.

TIP: If you want to distinguish the quotes that you have entered into the dialog from the quotes that already exist, add the “_” (underscore) mark at the beginning of the last name. When you are looking for the quotes you entered, perform a search by entering “_” into the keyword text field and select “Author” and click the “Find” button. All of the quotes that you entered will be listed in the Results list