Adding Top Level Topics in JournalLife for Windows

In the Topics List—accessible in every journal entry by clicking the Topic Tab—the  topics are listed hierarchically. There are top levels, sub-topics, and sub-sub topics. You can create a “new” topic that isn’t a sub-topic, but rather a top branch topic. Here’s how:

  1. Either click the “New” button at the bottom of the Topics List in the Topics sidebar, or right click on topic in the Topics list and select “Add new.”  In both cases an “Add Topic” dialog box appears. 
  2. Enter the new topic name and select “Make top branch,” and click the “OK” button.
  3. The new top level topic will appear in the list alphabetically.

    Note: JournalLife writers report occasionally that the new top level topic appear as a sub-topic.  At first glance it may look like a sub-topic, but click the “collapse all” button so that only the top branches appear. Carefully look at the gray dotted lines which show the different hierarchical levels and you’ll see that the new top branch topic that you created is indeed a top branch.  There isn’t a “+” to the left of the new top level branch yet, but if you do add a sub-topic, then there a “+”  will appear to the left of that topic and it will look similar to other top level branches.