Adding Custom Dictionaries for LJ for Windows


JournalLife 2 comes with a standard US dictionary, but there are many JournalLife customers who live in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and in non-English speaking countries. For no additional cost, you may add dictionaries to JournalLife. There are dictionary in 20 different languages and you may also add specialized dictionaries (e.g. medical, legal, technical).

Here’s how to proceed to add customized dictionaries to your JournalLife2 (or any of the specialized editions of JournalLife (such as JournalLife for Writers):

  1. Go to File menu>Preferences and click on the Language tab.
  2. Click the link to https://www.addictivesoftware.com//dicts-extern.htm
  3. From the Addictive Software website, click the link of the dictionary you would like to download. Download the file into a directory and remember the location.
  4. Browse to the directory where the downloaded file is located, and open it.
  5. Extract the file with the .adm format into the JournalLife directory (usually C:\Program Files\JournalLife).
  6. The name of the dictionary(ies) installed will appear on the list dialog shown in  the Language tab.
  7. To activate the dictionary, open a journal entry and misspell a word. Then click the Spell Check entry toolbar button (or open spellcheck from the entry Toolsmenu>Spell Check. Click the “Options” button in the Spelling dialog box and select the new dictionary listed.