The Creativity Add-On turns JournalLife into a Creative Journal

In your creative life, have you ever struggled with risk-taking, being resilient, staying with projects, or dealing with criticism? A creative journal can help you tackle these issues.

EricMaisel_Creativity_journal_softwareDr. Eric Maisel, psychotherapist, prominent creativity coach, and prolific author (Fearless Creating, A Writer’s Space, Van Gogh Blues, Deep Writing and more), has worked with all kinds of aspiring and professional creative people–writers, artists, performing artists, composers–for more than 25 years. His extensive knowledge of what it takes to develop and sustain a creative life is clearly evident in the Creativity Add-On. With Eric’s support and realistic encouragement running through your creative journal, you’ll reach new heights in your creative work.

seamlessly becoming part of the JournalLife program to turn your JournalLife into a creative journal.  An Add-On consists of dozens of Prompts, hundreds of selected Quotes, 50 Tips, extra Topics in the Topics List, and suggested default Daily Pulse Scales and Journal Types.

(Only pay for an Add-On one time.  If you purchased an Add-On for the Windows version then it will be transferred to the Online version.  There are no recurring annual fees to pay if  the Creativity Add-On is running on your JournalLife Online subscription.)

Here are samples of Prompts and Tips that Dr. Maisel has created and Quotes that he has selected for the Creativity Add-On:

Sample Prompts:

  • Creativity requires patience. Have you cultivated that in yourself?
  • Do you mentally quiet enough so that you can go deep?
  • Do you need creating to be easy? If you do, can you change your mind about that?

Sample Quotes

  • “If you don’t make mistakes, you aren’t really trying.”  –Coleman Hawkins
  •  “Once I’m writing something mysterious happens. Something beyond explanation–not so much an escape from reality as a confrontation with a deeper reality.”–Ellen Taaffe Zwilich
  • “Talent is long patience.”  –Gustave Flaubert

Sample Tips:

  • Don’t say that you’re unable to craft beautiful things until you’ve given yourself years and years of trying. Don’t say it even then! What if your grand piece is destined to be your ninth and you stop at eight?
  • Have you abandoned some creative project? Pick a project that you abandoned and return to it with optimism, an open heart, and a firm belief in renewed possibility.
  • Schedule your creativity. Select a creative project. Prepare a schedule for getting to your creative project and commit to that schedule. Work on your project for a month without second-guessing your choice or bad-mouthing your progress.