Create a Christian Journal with the JournalLife Christian Add-On

Bob Climko, MD, MBA is a physician, husband, teacher, business consultant, success trainer and Christian. Although not a member of the clergy or a theologian, his life work and unique experiences have prepared him to co-create Christian JournalLife, a Christian journal program. His years working with patients suffering from addictive and other behavioral health disorders, along with his management consulting work have given him a deep and growing understanding of spiritual issues. He has utilized his Christian beliefs as a blueprint for helping patients, organizations, and himself. When he writes or prays to God, he feels His presence and Grace.

An Add-On consists of dozens of Prompts, hundreds of selected Quotes, 50 Tips, extra Topics in the Topics List, and suggested default Daily Pulse Scales and Journal Types.

(Each JournalLife Add-On is a one-time purchase.  If you purchased an Add-On for the Windows version then it will be transferred to the Online version.  There is no recurring annual fee to pay if it’s running on JournalLife Online. )

Sample Quotes:

  • “Let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action.”-John 3:18
  • “The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.”-Emily Dickenson
  • “God will not ask you how many books you have read, how many miracles you have worked. He will ask you if you have done your best, for the love of Him. “-Mother Teresa

Sample Prompts:

  • Describe a moment in your life when you felt extremely close to God.
  • What book(s) have most influenced your Christian life? Why?
  • Are you easily able to engage in Christian behavior through your daily work?

Sample Tips:

  • Reading the Bible or your daily devotional may also act as an inspiration for your journaling.
  • List some examples of your Christ-like actions. Provide one example of being Christ-like which you can exhibit today.
  • Your habit of writing often differentiates you positively. It helps your Christian Life develop and flourish.